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Our audit services line revolves around our core values which are quality, added value and personal care. We carry out a thorough analysis of each audit / assurance engagement and we formulate a unique plan pertaining to the circumstances of each engagement before commencing our audit procedures. Our specialized audit software combined with the expertise of our staff ensures that each engagement is carried out with unparalleled quality while at the same time various factors and variables pertinent to the company under review are identified and included in a special report given to the management of the company in order to aid the process of maximising efficiency, effectiveness and profitability.
Our audit services include:
  • Statutory audit of financial statements
  • Internal audit
  • Special purpose audit (non-statutory audit) / compilation of attest reports
  • Assistance in the preparation of company and consolidated financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRS) and International Accounting Standards (IAS)


Adhering to tax rules and regulations is of vital importance. Keeping up with changes in the tax framework is equally important. Our tax services line provides you with a comprehensive solution for all the tax needs of your company whether this means compliance with the local authorities regulation or the formulation of an efficient and ingenious tax planning scheme tailor-made the the circumstances of your company or group of companies. 
Our services in this area comprise:
  • Preparation and submission of annual and provisional tax returns for individuals and companies
  • Preparation of capital statements
  • Liaising with the Inland Revenue on behalf of clients
  • Tax registration of companies with local authorities
  • Local and international tax planning
  • Tax advisory


Being always one step ahead of your competitors means that you have to be proactive and have a well laid out business strategy enabling you not only to retain your market presence but also to enhance it. We offer bespoke business advice by taking into account the targets of your company and integrating them to our business analysis models in order to provide you with a deliverable that is both efficient and effective.
Our consulting services include:
  • Interviews with the interested parties to understand the targets sets
  • Aggregation of all the facts surrounding each business case and integration of these facts and other variables into various business analysis models (SWOT, PEST, Porter's Five Forces etc) with the purpose of ascertaining the best course of action
  • Compilation of specialized reports containing a breakdown of the targets set, the analysis carried out and the suggested action pla

Financial Advisory

Timely and valid financial information can greatly benefit a compan whether it is used for the purpose of selling a business at a fair price, carrying out a share-for-share transaction or simply wanting to know how much the your shareholding in a company is worth. We combine our robust knowledge and expertise with appropriate tools and resources to provide you with the financial information that you need in order to help you with your decision-making.

Our services in this area include:
  • Business valuations using a wide spectrum of valuation models
  • Share valuations
  • Tangible and intangible assets valuations
  • Advice on grants and incentives available for your business from the Government of Cyprus and / or the European Union

Other Related Services

In addition to our core service we also provide a number of other related services with the purpose of adding value to your business.
Our other related services include:
  • Complete web site development solutions with domain registration, web space leasing and construction of web site for your business. The content and design requirements of the web site will be set by you in an interview to be conducted and led by us. The web site can be solely informative or fully commercial with embedded order and payment systems.
  • Accounting services using specialized computer application programs
  • VAT related services including VAT registration with local authorities, preparation and submission of VAT quarterly returns and VAT advisory
  • Company formation and other statutory services